Warm limpid waters sheltering more than thousand species of rainbow-colored fish and underwater creatures, swaying coconut trees powdery beaches, tropical fruits, exotic resorts make it an idyllic worry-free world.

What to do:

Diving, snorkeling riding glass bottom boats.

Travel to the inhabited islands with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas and learn about the local culture.

Go night-fishing and then grill the fish you caught to perfection over red hot ambers and enjoy your delicious meal on a secluded virgin island.

Do not forget to buy souvenirs from Male’s handicraft shops. Most of souvenir shops are in the northern end of Chaandanee Magu which was earlier known as the Singapore Bazaar.
You can buy wooden fish, t-shirts, jewelries, Maldivian woven mat with local natural fibers and many other items.